How to Write a New Hire Press Release [+ Free Template]

New Hire Headshot Example

Example of a headshot in a new hire press release:

9. Conclude with Your Company’s Boilerplate Information

The final section of the press release is a 30- to 100-word description of your business. This is a standard section included with any press release, and should describe the nature of your business, key products or services, and biographical information, such as years in business or names of founders.

New Hire Boilerplate Example

Here is an example of standard boilerplate information:

How to Distribute Your New Hire Press Release

After you write the press release, send it to as many local news agencies as possible, including industry-specific organizations, the local Better Business Bureau or commerce office, and other community business organizations. You should also syndicate the release using a service like Newswire[5] to ensure that your PR reaches the widest audience possible.

Follow this process to distribute your press release:

  1. Identify local organizations, groups, journals, or media agencies that would be interested in the new hire announcement.
  2. Find a journalist or relevant contact person within each organization.
  3. Send your press release by email or using that organization’s standard submission process.
  4. After two days, follow up with an email or phone call to your contact at the organization (if you have one).
  5. Post the press release on your own website’s news or updates section.
  6. Syndicate your press release using a free online press distribution service or a paid service like Newswire.

To generate visibility and buzz around your new hire, please read our complete article on How to Send a Press Release[6]. The article explains each of the steps in sending a press release.

If you’re looking for a paid press release service, check out Newswire[7], which can distribute your new hire press release to over 4,500 targeted news and industry publishers. Sign up and get 10% off your first press release[8].

Visit Newswire[9]

New Hire Press Release Tips

Writing a stellar press release involves more than just filling in the blanks and following the template. Using a vibrant style, getting a great quote, and making strong connections with community events is an excellent way to generate more visibility and get more eyeballs on your release.

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