How to Write a New Hire Press Release [+ Free Template]

Here are some possible sources for a quote:

  • The new team member’s hiring manager
  • CEO or senior management in the company
  • The new hire herself or himself
  • A major client or customer

New Hire Press Release Example Quotes

These are some quote examples, along with the source for each:

  • Quote by the company CEO: “We are very excited to welcome Stacy to our team at NLE. Not only will he bring a tighter focus on customer relationship quality to our sales team, but also be a great role model for our employees and vendors who come into contact with him.”
  • Quote by the new hire: “I am thrilled to be part of the NLE team. My entire career has been spent in the technology industry and I look forward to continuing that tradition by providing “best of breed” network solutions to NLE’s current and future customers.”
  • Quote by the new hire: “I intend to apply my green building project experience and communication skills to teaching and developing curriculum that will help Everblue’s students get jobs, change the economy and improve the environment,” she said.

7. Describe the Impact of the New Hire’s Role

The body of the press release should conclude with a brief discussion, 30 to 70 words, of how the new employee will further the goals of the company and/or improve the community. This is the final paragraph in the body. Explain what the team member will be doing, her goals, and how the hire contributes to business objectives.

Since this is the concluding paragraph, it’s a good idea to broaden the press release to indicate that the new hire is a positive step forward not only for the company, but for the community as a whole. In this section, you can discuss the business’ future plans, additional upcoming hires, or new product launches, especially if the new team member will be a part of these initiatives.

New Hire Press Release Concluding Paragraph Examples

These examples demonstrate how your concluding paragraph might be structured:

  • Mark joins ABC as National Account Manager to continue ABC’s recent success providing business services to many of the top companies in America and Europe. Mark comments, “I am excited to start a new challenge within ABC Company and look forward to working with the team to further develop their already extensive product and service suite. I am fortunate to be joining such a respected company that prides itself on top quality service.”
  • Goldman will be developing and implementing an overall corporate marketing strategy, directly engaging and managing the marketing team, and translating the company’s business objectives into marketing strategies that drive revenue. In addition, he will determine and administer the marketing budget, identify and track key metrics, and establish pricing and positioning for a wide range of Windward products.

8. Add a Headshot

It’s ideal to include a headshot of the new hire in your press release in order to add personality and visual interest. Although not all press releases are syndicated with photos, most local news agencies will be able to include the picture in a write-up or a new hire section.

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