How to Write a New Hire Press Release [+ Free Template]

The specific questions you need to answer include:

  • Who: The new hire’s name
  • What: What the new hire will be doing, his or her position and/or title
  • Where: Where the new hire is from, his or her background and/or education
  • When: The new hire’s first day on the job
  • Why: The positive impact that the new hire will have on the business and in the community

New Hire Lead Paragraph Example

Here’s an example of an effective lead paragraph:

5. Discuss New Hire’s Background and Qualifications

The next section of the body comprises the bulk of the press release, and should be anywhere from 50 to 200 words. A new hire press release sheds a positive light on the new team member by describing the expertise of the new hire. Additionally, consider mentioning your company and how the new hire expands or strengthens your business.

Be cautious, however, that you do not layer this section with adjectives. Press releases are factual pieces of journalism, and should assert only verifiable information. Leave out descriptors like “enthusiastic,” “detail-oriented,” and “hard working,” and simply state the accomplishments and qualifications of the new hire.

Here are some features of the new employee that could be useful to include this section:

  • Previous company/companies
  • Previous position(s) held
  • Years of experience
  • Degree or advanced degree(s)
  • Recognition (Forbes lists, 40 under 40, etc.)
  • Certifications (e.g., P.E., PMI-ACP®)
  • Veteran status
  • Minority status
  • Notable accomplishments
  • Type of role (e.g., executive, management)
  • Scope of role (e.g., oversaw a merger, managed a $29 million budget

New Hire Background Example

This press release discusses the employee’s background:

6. Include a Quote about the New Hire

To make the press release as effective and interesting as possible, add a quote somewhere within the body, ideally within the second or third paragraph. Quotes can range in length from 50 words to 150 words. With a quote, you can add vibrancy to the release and convey more of the new hire’s personality.

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