How to Write a New Hire Press Release [+ Free Template]

A new hire press release announces your hiring of a new team member. New hire press releases follow a standard press release format and include information on your new hire such as their skills, experience, and expected contribution to your business. New hire announcements are typically 400 to 600 words long and give your business credibility and media exposure.

Free New Hire Press Release Template

Press Release TemplatePress Release Template

When you write a new hire press release, you must follow a standard press release format. To help, we’ve created a template that shows you each of the required sections of a press release, with tips for optimizing your message for a new hire announcement. Use this template along with the steps below to create an engaging new hire press release.

Download the template in Docx[1] or PDF[2] file.

The nine steps to writing a new hire press release include:

1. Follow Standard Press Release Format

Like other press release types[3], new hire announcements should include the release date, headline, subheadline, location, and the body of the press release. While the message will be specific to your new hire, following the standard format ensures that your press release will be effectively reviewed by journalists and syndicated by media agencies.

Here are each of the elements in a new hire press release:

  • Company logo: Add your company logo in the header area.
  • Release date information: Usually “For immediate publication”
  • Headline: This is the subject of your press release
  • Subheadline: This line develops the headline further
  • City, State: The location of the business
  • Date: The actual date you send the press release
  • Summary paragraph: A full description of the story in brief
  • Body: Develop the details in the body
  • Quote: Add a quote to enhance the article
  • Boilerplate company information: A description of the business affixed to the end
  • Contact information: Add information for further inquiry— name, email, phone
  • Three pound signs: ### to signify the conclusion of the press release

Although a new hire press release[4] follows the standard format, there are three important points to follow in a new hire announcement. First, you should name the new hire and the company in the headline. Second, you should introduce details about the new hire in the first paragraph, and third, you should include a headshot of the employee.

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